About Us

Welcome to our e cigarette website. You are at the home to a healthier option of smoking. We are proud to be one of the leading electronic cigarette UK suppliers and offer the best quality, environment friendly and healthy e cigs in the market. We stock smokeless, tobacco free and ashless cigarettes.

We have a wide range of starter kits for those getting started with electronic cigarettes. Our cigarettes use advanced batteries which provide up to 400 inhalations per charge and can last about seven to ten hours. You will save more than 50% of your money if you buy e cigs rather than the traditional tobacco cigarettes that produce a lot of smoke and are harmful to your health.

What Is Unique About Our Products?
Our e-cigs come in different colours, packages and battery sizes. You can choose between manual and automatic cigs and disposable and reusable cigarettes. We also have ash less cigs with different levels of nicotine and a variety of cartridge flavors to suit different consumers.

We supply a variety of cigs from various manufacturers and offer discounts on selected brands as well as popular cigarettes. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee to customers who are getting started with smokeless cigarettes and a one year warranty on all our products.

How Do They Work?
E cigarettes, or smokeless cigs as some consumers call it, is a battery powered device which converts liquid nicotine that is inhaled by the user into vapor. The user can inhale the vapor from the cartridge or use a manual switch to activate the vaporizer in the cig. A traditional cigarette relies on combustion which takes place when the smokeless cigarette is lit to burn the nicotine thus producing smoke. Smokeless cigarettes rely on the vaporization process.

An e cig is designed to look like a traditional cigarette, only a close look will enable you see the difference. An e-cigarette has three major parts: the vaporization chamber, a cartridge and rechargeable battery.

Our e-cigs do not contain any harmful ingredients or chemicals like carbon monoxide, tar and others. No smoke will be produced when you smoke. The cigs are socially acceptable and can be smoked indoors or outdoors in the public.

So, stop wasting money on expensive and unhealthy cigarettes and try our electronic cigarettes. We offer next day shipping to our UK customers. If you have any questions, call our customer care center today.