Electronic Cigarettes: Giving an alternative to tobacco smoking

We are an established/trusted electronic cigarettes company that manufactures and supplies e-cigarettes in the UK. Our e-cigarettes resemble regular cigarettes, except they do not have tobacco and are hence a healthier option for smokers. The e-cigs we manufacture are much cheaper than ordinary cigarettes because users can buy several of the refillable cartridges. Smokers can also buy e liquid nicotine and refill.

Starter pack
Our e-cig starter pack comprises of a quality rechargeable battery, a cartridge where the liquid nicotine is put and a heating mechanism which heats nicotine to vaporize it. Our rechargeable battery ensures that you do not need your e-cig to be plugged into a power source every time to need to smoke.

Our cartridges come in a variety of sizes so that you can buy only the one that suits your needs. The cartridges can be thrown away after the liquid nicotine inside is finished(for those who do not have the time to refill) and another one inserted into the e-cig. Alternatively, users can also buy a large stock of liquid nicotine for refills into the cartridges to save the hassle of buying new cartridges all the time. We offer different cartridges which clients can fill with varying levels/ quantities of liquid nicotine. This enables people to meet their smoking needs, some of which are only psychological and only need an illusion of smoking; the exhaled and inhaled vapor may not even need to contain any level of nicotine. This helps some people quit smoking while those with higher needs for nicotine can have it adjusted to their needs.

Social acceptability
Unlike tobacco cigarettes, which have to be lit, emit a lot of smoke and ash, our e cigarettes do not emit any ash or smoke; only vapor. The stimulant in our e cigarette is liquid nicotine whose effects are not hazardous like tobacco. The absence of tobacco makes the restriction of our e cigs smoking, by the authorities, very little and as such, they can be smoked almost anywhere. E cigarettes are more socially accepted and cleaner than tobacco cigarettes.

To make our e-cigarettes more appealing to our UK residents, we supply them in a variety of flavours including strawberry and chocolate. This takes the smoking experience to a whole new recreational level. Nicotine vapor, combined with the added flavour in the electronic cigarette uk, eliminates/ the eye nose or throat irritation that is caused by tobacco smoke in regular cigarettes.